First "K" !




Hey ! This is the first thousandth visit ! I hope you enjoy my own pictures. I have a lot of photoshots to share with you, so stay tuned for more !

Please, drop me a comment : I want to know who you are !

Merci de me poser un commentaire ! Ainsi je vous connaîtrai tous !

Don't rev up the visit-counter quickly, because I have not too many pin-up photos of my own ! ;-)

Ne boostez pas trop le compteur car je n'ai pas pris beaucoup de photos de pin-up ! ;-)


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C'est tout mimi par ici Ca manquait, maintenant c'est fait...

Écrit par : ARNO | 17/02/2007

good shot ! I love this kind of pic with lady I'd better say... good 'K' !
congratulation ! i appreciate this challenge to write down all your comments in English ! it sounds that it is sorting out your attendees somehow but for me it is really a pleasure to be a bit more ... 'private' ... chatting ;-)

Écrit par : totof | 19/02/2007

Challenge is everything... I am pleased you enjoy this V.O.S.T.E !
I take it easy, just for trainning my english knowlegdes... I am afraid that it might not sound very English sometimes... ;-)
I am certain my french reading friend would translate on line by google tools... If my words really worth the effort !
So "to be continuated" ?

Écrit par : Matthias | 19/02/2007

I used to ... English speaking, reading and writting is totally part of my day to day work eventhough I'm not English native myself, from my personnal knowledge yours is globally up the average definitelly ! fluent to read, appropriate vocabulary. sure google tools from friends is not fair to understand straighaway !
in anycase see U in few days ;-)

Écrit par : totof | 19/02/2007

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