I am fond of going to the cinema with knowing nothing about the movie I choosed. Only by trusting little things making interest and awaking my feeling about the movie.

In that case, and because he is used to choose strong scenarios, I trusted José Garcia.

For me this true actor knows how to make his caractere sounds right and keep the spectator with him. Of course, I love his job since the begin in Nulle Part Ailleurs. But todays movies demonstrate that to make people laugh you need to make your caractere sounds right. I was astonished by his performance in Le Couperet - Costa Gavras. So trust me, The name of José Garcia ensures a great moment of cinema for me.


Synopsis :

... Why wouldn't you go and see this movie knowing only my first feeling about it  ?...

Pars Vite1

Pars Vite2


Cedit photos : http://www.parsviteetrevienstard-lefilm.com/

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... I love your very sensitive perception how to describe a character ....
I saw 'Inland Empire' last sunday evening and I admit I was a bit 'prepared' on what I was going to see and... it made me quite optimistic on the David Lynch perception how an character can be so involved in the person he is acting. All those deep and dark colors re-enforce this Polish woman position is in ...

Écrit par : totof | 20/02/2007

Hum, I would like to see this movie but I think we 'll have to wait for the launching of the DVD...
Since the birth of our baby, unfortunatly we took distance with up to date cinema.

Écrit par : Matthias | 20/02/2007

resuring (?) you ! I have myself a gap of about 6 years in my movie viewer life.... all that is in between '91 and '97, I skipped !! ;) nowadays I'm stuffing with ;)

Écrit par : totof | 22/02/2007

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