I am currently spending couple of hours by couple of hours sanding a "Deep Six".  That how I pay for a true California Look wheel.  the price is high but legend worth it, doesn't it ?
I have got to smooth the outer lip for achieving the first polishing stage. Then time to take care of the first pizza cutter will come...

Those Cal Look sweeties are not for the most about to fit them, but, you can trust me : the Oval will try these wheels on ! So she will look like his "OldSpeed" sister from California. Are the Cal Look demons sleeping in my mind ? May be they will wake up in a far future...

The Westy still steps ahead. Some mango juice flowed  again today. Cab doors are drying quietly with a cargo door and the roof lid, waiting for the Seagull Grey in the late week. I restored the lid hinges by pressing in a chromed pin as a new hinge shaft.

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going on... I agree on this oldspeed trend vs oldschool's...

Anyway, this is investment somehow definitelly !

Original FUCHS rims will never never been out of date!! always passing w/o anything 'oldfashion' or something...!!

care about your fingers ;-)

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