Mr Cab Driver

Olivier bolted and trimmed cab doors. This evening, he proudly presented his great job to Denis, Jerôme, Uncle Jeff and some Norvegian friends... Denis and I can not wait to take a picture of our Combis side by side but this time it was a bit hard.
We will schedule some project photoshots because paint flows these times... First, I have to scedule some work on this baby !!!

A picture of the moke up for you, my friends :



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Off Road Sympa ce petit combi en config réhaussé...
T'as prévu quoi comme pneus Mud?
Tu penses t'inscrire au Mud Tour?
Bon courage.

Écrit par : DynoArno | 16/12/2007

good job ! Lot's of friends to admire your brend new body toy ! I eager to see it with this lowered and narrowed front beam and fit with polished FUCHS...

Écrit par : totof | 16/12/2007

NYC.. SeeU next friday..I will try to take opportunity for some pics of any bulli here around ;-)

Écrit par : totof | 27/12/2007

Happy New Year Matthias Merci de a visite sur le blog. La cox sera prochainement dans SVWMag, en meeting à KGM, EBI2, et d'autres. En attendant c'est l'hibernation totale dans le garage. @+

Écrit par : Olivier | 03/01/2008

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