11ème Monté Carlo Historique 2008


A what a day ! We saw plenty of action in the snow !
Monté Carlo Historique passed by the Vercors today. So we decided to climb to the Col d' Echarasson for watching teams struggling against average speed. 
A Z.R. was cancelated by the organisation because some snowy passes are closed by autorities. Due to very slippery roads many cars aborted the race today. We saw at least six crashes ! Luckyly nobody was hurted but every teams had to relie on spectator to get their car on the way again. Only one car was not able race anymore. The Pilot did not manage to keep his car on the way. His MG drived straight to a rock, bending a wing and brake an A-arm.
But fast cars made the show too... Pictures are following...

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