The cal look tribute

I think every Cal Looker have to succeed the Fuchs polishing test. Well I must admit I feel some doubts when sanding a spoke but I keep in mind these pieces of aluminum are rought diamonds ! But what a satisfaction when first shine appears !!!


So these times I spend some evenings sanding one time right to left and one time up to down, Fuchs spokes... You can see my tool a piece of foam and a sheet of plastic from a bottle wrapped in sanding paper. As I do take care of my fingers, I already wear surgical gloves. Dr Fuchs is operating !

Do you see the Fu#&¤^g scratch on the spoke ? It was two time longer before yesterday's session !

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nice job ! well done guy. You are right doing this valuable job. It worth it! I eager to touch this velvet feeling... I'm with you man in that task ! take care of your finger !!

Écrit par : totof | 20/03/2008

hé hé...effectivement passage obligé pour tout cal-looker qui se respecte...
comme ça pour le deuxième set, tu auras de l'entrainement...en attendant mets en vente les empi 5 et franchis le cap ;-)

Écrit par : Olive | 24/03/2008

Salut ... ... envoie moi ton mail.
A+ Oldrix

Écrit par : Oldrix | 01/04/2008

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