When a chapter is about to be achieved, something occurs. It is the kind of thing witch matters or... not. This story holds me on  strongly by this details.
So I am happy to share Totof 's picture with you, my friends. I hope you will feel that happyness !
...And don't worry the matter will be solved... or not !


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always there.. when things go wrong and you feel dispointed a real friend is key to go ahead and find out solution... Thanks Matt.. you WERE about 2 years ago from now to help me and give me clue to solve this mess.. whouah... 2 years already...

Écrit par : totof | 24/03/2008

Ma, ouné bella karmann Di va piano sur les travaux nous a mis un beau coup d'accélérateur ;-)

Écrit par : Olive | 25/03/2008

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