The first "pizza cutter" is mainly in shape. So I blocked the whole dish with a step higher gain paper (240). the rim revealated his beauty a little more thanks to some abrasive polish but... Yes "BUT" I am not satisfied by spoke edges. It appears far too square, I definatly made my mind by taking a ride to the garage (with the Oval ! ) and having a look to the second 4.5 Fuchs whitch is in its genuine shape. The spoke edges are rounds and smooth ! Gosh, the reality bites me... I have got to re-shape these fucHing edges with some 120 gain paper ! Crual legend.

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keep-on shaping guy !! do not give up please ! FUCHS are worth it :-) I know you'll continue to get nice smooth edges on all branches!!! be patient !

Écrit par : totof | 06/05/2008

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