So, you really like it ?

I do appreciate your comments ! They encrease my faith on working on my very own set of Fuchs. The set you see on the pictures is composed by a couple of early 5.5 inch and, (do I need to mention them ?), Deep Sixes on the rear end.

Here is a photograph of my '53's  twin from Oldspeed. Some kind details spot the difference, but now, the main "detail' is the stroker ! 
I won't disagree a big phoenix exhaust bolted on a dual port engine...


The weather offered a poor light but as you seem to appreciate it, I am pleased to share a couple of pics. 



On the rear bench, fastened on this up to date safety seat, you can see my kid who is always up for cruise next to the lake... Wanna join us ? Drop me a mail !

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big head !!! bon , ca suffit là !!!

Écrit par : stefan | 22/05/2008

Hey ! Je ne l'ai pas encore postée sur le lounge,moi... ;-)

Écrit par : Matthias | 22/05/2008

Putin de merde, mais avec quoi tu fait tes photos, çà peu pas durer comme çà... ...

Écrit par : Flo | 22/05/2008

yeh man
that's a really nice bench of amazing crazy pictures you show us... I love your very positive fealing right now... in a couple of days those 4 special feet will caress my garage floor... :-)

Écrit par : totof | 22/05/2008

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