EBI#2 Racer Corner


This Oval struck me by its rought stance. Something different of the hoodride fashion, you know. Maybe the patina of an overused weapon ?
I loved the '55 US tail lights. After the very searched heart shape ones, the egg shape tails light were fitted on '55 American beetles. Normally, I guess no tail light was fitted with both heart shape lens and egg shape lens. From january to july 1955 only, the "Egg" was sized like the Oval lense of the previous light. That 's why I was very exited when I saw a couple of these '55 beauties for sale a the swap meet area.  But the price asked for stuck me in my place. 500€ for a shelf dust collector seems a non-sens for a guy who 's trying to build up a '61 Mango Westy, don't you think ?


I just love this eggs...

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