Fuchs Time is Over


The Fuchs set returns to his owner. I really thank Stefan for this test : Now the red devil jumps nervously on my right shoulder, sceaming "Fuchs-Fuchs for the ragtop !". But the immaculate white angel on the left one says "Perhaps when the bus is completed,...perhaps...". So what do I have to do ?
Stef and I just bolted Ercos and Slicks to have fun but the 40 HP engine didn't come over the tires stickness... The split case held his breath for a while !
I really enjoyed this Cal Look moment ! Thanks !

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come on !! that's a really nice fun to go to moke up ! for the ragtop history..
snif for the Fuchs :-( !! anyway they are staying in the same family ;-)
see u man ...

Écrit par : totof | 14/08/2008

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