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The first window of the bus closes nicely. Olivier painted inner window frames in Mango according to the inside color and outter frames match the upper body tone. Olivier's brainstorming about color coding could not issue on a grey frame seen inside ! I thought it might be a good idea before... And now when every window and pop out frame are painted by two tones, I really love it ! Actually, the vent window frame and the scrapping seal holder can not be painted in two tones. So we decided it has to be seagull grey. I think vent lock does the deal pretty good because of the ivory shade of the seagull grey.

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That is a tough but nice satisfaction to notice this perfect matching. The loop is closed I'd say. the good color, well made after so much effort... Nice achievement man.. Hopefully I can see that in live in a couple of days ;-)

Écrit par : totof | 20/08/2008

Good job dude !
A+ Oldrix

Écrit par : Oldrix | 04/09/2008

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