Hum thanks to the sample ordered previouly by Totof, I was certain of the perfect matching of the bench cloth according to body tones. But viewing twelve meters blasted me off. Woha, this kind of canvas will "deluxe" up the westy interior like Mango Beetles one. I do not know yet if seat bottoms and sides will be made in this cloth (like Ovals, i would say) or in a grey vinyl (like early '60s beetles). I scedule this brainstorming later. Nowadays, I am working on cab doors frames for the clean job, and on the front beam for the dirty job (the matter is to find a place with electricity where noise of the grinder is not a big problem...).

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very cute scenario.. I think I'd be pleased to see different scenarii :-)

Écrit par : totof | 24/08/2008

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