What a Sunday !

My friend Jeff and his pals organised a great meeting in his beautyfull village. But Christelle was not able to reach by Oval any place outthere in the mountains because we are expecting a baby during the comming month !
So I decided to have a trip with Totof and Elisa around the Lac du Bourget. That was the day or not because we could reach a retronautic event who inclued an automotive display. As it took place in my neighborhood, Chris prepared a great picnic to eat on the grass next to the beach. We shared Chris and Elisa's food as we use to do, in this way we can taste everything !

On the road to Le Col du Chat:DSC02325

I knew that an old locomotive powered by steam passed by the lake in the end of the morning. So I tried to synchronise our trip when this train was supposed to pass by a very cute railway station.

Thanks to some lessons I learn from Olive's road trips, I managed to have the time for parking the cars along railways just in time before the train arrival !

This locomotive is known to be the european most powerfull steam machine. It was made between 1947 and 1949, and was in operation since 1969. This piece of history is classed "Monument Historique" in France just like and old church or a great castel. After having covered 1 741 865km, the 241-P-17 (his poetic name) rests now in Le Creusot, the place where it was made by Les Établissements Schneider.

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;-)...next year..

Écrit par : KGM | 02/09/2008

friends I admit i can not avoid thinking to Olive when we passed this amazing sunday. Very tight in all senses; weather, timing, spots, schedules !! everything were there to enjoy... to be rescheduled definitelly !!

Écrit par : totof | 02/09/2008

heuh !!! c'est bête y a un vieux train derrière !!
(class la photo)

Écrit par : stefan | 04/09/2008

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