Narrowed Beam


Here comes my own narrowed beam. After having spent near 12 hours grinding a late Split Beam, my own plates are almost ready to be welded !
I decided to grind off outer shells of beam brackets and keep inner to add strengh of the assy. As you can see on the second picture, I drew these in order to introduce a bigger caster angle. So you can see new holes do not match genuine holes (through the inner shell), I 'll got to drill new ones according to the "caster" template.
I'll agree if you 'd tell me that keeping inner shells is not the easiest way but it allowes welding of both sides in the same time.

Next step : I designed beam bushings for Dennis's Pick up. So I have got to order a set at my favourit machine shop according to my drawing.

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I agree that this mucj more preferable to keep stenght and efforts as much as possible rather than trying to be 'close to original' (which is no more the case since you cut this beam by the way !!! ;-) )
Good job Matth, next step after welding will be AVIS kit to be fixed.. Again we will share advices since my is about to be done meanwhile...

Écrit par : totof | 09/11/2008

bon plan fait toi pas chier va chez vintage autohaus !

Écrit par : Bib | 10/11/2008

C'est clair... ... K Rot est compétant !
Mais je conçois des machines et des pièces toute la journée. Alors c'est plutôt un plaisir qu'une corvée. ;-)
Pour les "spring plates" j'ai préféré une solution prête à monter, pourtant j'ai commencé à tracer des trucs sympas...

Écrit par : Matthias | 11/11/2008

You need to put much more high critical stuff to get pisses Matth off !! Doesn't it my dude ?? ;-)

Écrit par : totof | 12/11/2008

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