So long "Hotshot"...

My friend sold his old "Hot Shot". I must admit that I feel a bit sad... Because, its vibs awaked up the red devil who was sleeping on my right shoulder. Imagine the sound and vibrations when rolls of the counter are turning, or remenber them if you know that feeling ! the score doesn't matter at a first approach, just let this flipper shake in your hands in the first plays...




I shall miss its psychedelic grafics... If only I had room to host it, maybe in a near future ?
Totof will earn an other one to sit next to the "Canada Dry", I guess he will envoy to clean and to trim his next clockwork...

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you know ... To summarize my decision on that 'hot shot' sell. Since most of you better know old vw, it is like changing, even nice "oval sun roof", by a so call "Romesch"... so I let you imagine that even loving this "oval" there absolutelly no doubt to make this deal... This a lovely pic Matth actually... you know that in near future, I'll be more than happy to track you the gems!! ;-)

Écrit par : totof | 03/12/2008

offvicial launching; monday january the 12th !!

Écrit par : totof | 07/01/2009

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