I think Jérôme found the right material to match the pinstripes cloth. In fact he used it for trimming the seats of a Beryl green car. So its green shade is most "Peppermint" than "Mango", and does not match with the westy interior color. But when when i lay a piece of material on a Seagull Grey area, it actually disapears drunk by the green-grey ! Just like the pinstripes cloth does on a Mango area !!!
So I played with the white balance of my camera to take these photosgraphs with a mango and seagull grey part. One balance is focused on a white paper sheet and the other is balanced yellow. I was amased how the three colors played together... Good job Jerôme !

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good job man.. I'm not sure to understand clearly the purpose.. is it same piece of material on all pics ? just tuning your camera trying to figure out different combination with your mango green body sample ?
I was also wondering for which part of your upholstery this kind of leatherette material is for ? is it to combine with mango square waves ?

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