Have a seat...

... and a true one !



No need to say that I am fond of Jerôme 's work... Of Course materials do a lot of the job of course but Gomez knowhow magnifies interiors. His flawless job gives all the genuine atmoshere to our veedubs. These words are a summary of my feeling when I am enjoying to see each of "his" cars.
Now I would want to describe an other sensation, located a bit lower than a look... Woosh how good I was sitting on this seat !!! Gosh, I was willing to stole the keys to Olivier and have a great ride to the french riviera with this confortable car ! It did not seem obsolete at all. Due to Jerôme skills, your posture behind the wheel is right and your butt is firmly maintained... just like the day of this beetle ?

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Is this corduroy color you choose for your bus.. I think is so but I'm not sure with this bright light

Écrit par : totof | 27/05/2009

Leche botte Oh oh j'y crois pas il passe la pommade, Vaseline et compagnie......
Ce n'est pas parce que tu fais pleins de compliments à Jérome que tu auras un meilleur prix!!!!!!
Il n'est pas comme cela le JéJé......

Écrit par : OLIV | 28/05/2009

Lèche botte blues, je fais le lèche botte blues ! ...attends... Je te fais un peu de lèche et je drive la Beryl jusqu'au Nat's juste histoire de fessier !
Attends que je cause du bien dont je pense de tes cordons... Déjà que le sauss' était bon !

Écrit par : Matthias | 29/05/2009

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