Great Week End in Provence

We had a great trip to Avignon and Nîmes with the Fastback. On the way back, we drove along the RN7. the ex-holydays road. We enjoyed to find and see old garages, some as a ruin or some revamped for an other business but still there.
Unfortunatly the RN7 museum was closed, I will have to book a visit in a near future !





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Snowboard to Longboard


I always wanted a cool skate for cruising with my children. As true longboards are a bit expensive for my family budget, I planned to cut out one from an used snowboard. In a first time, I brought a board from a young girl. But when I wanted to test the flex by simulating a 70cm wheelbase with 2 bottles, the board gently inflected to the floor ! Hum... As I do not plan to make a "boardscappers" club, I had to forget this projet for a while...
I found this stiffer board at a local swapmeet. The flex should be pretty cool for this project, I feel... I found some big Retro wheel on Ebay. So, I stuck some paper tape and I drew a sketch of the shape. Note the room made to prevent a dangerous "wheel bite". 100x22cm, Wheel base 75cm. It should be nice don't you think ?

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Pegasus at Epoqu' Auto 2009


These Pesagus were hanged on Mobile fuel station's walls in 1950's. It's the second I luckily see. As they are made of zinc, you always see it in gorgeous condition. Actually, this one had little dings on a rear foot, but nothing makes me  stop of dreaming of it !
The price of this dream ? 1300€

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