Snowboard to Longboard


The board is completed. I fitted my old truck with brand new wheels and bearings. This Abec3 Retro wheels are 75mm diameter and 78A.
And how about the flex ? I must admit that the tail too flexy but by positionning the rear foot near the truck, it would not be a big problem. So global flex of the board provides a smooth ride, very apreciable while cruising even on rought surfaces. The soft wheels (78A!) would not slide as well as I am not a hard rider !
As a conclusion, I can say that I am fond of this feeling, a bit like snowboarding !
I am looking forward for my next projet ! I plan to keep the strenght of the snowboard the next design will be more symetrical, cutting the board nose and tail. An other approach, I wanted the first one with a kick tail... So if you have a cool board who seems to be dead. I would be happy to cut it for my next project !

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60k - It is not the bus restoration 's pictures who manage to update the blog. But I can not say that the projet is in a stand by ! I am about to achieve the front beam with my friend oliv' ud les Latinbug. So the next time I manage to book a saturday morning for shortening and drilling torsion leaf, I will be able to post a report on this blog !

Mais pour le moment, je bosse les enduits et les badigeons de chaux mais ça, j'ai pas cogité à l'écrire en Anglais !

@+ tout le monde ! and stay tuned for more of my own photograhs.

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